HR Version of the State Rules Register

On YOUR Web Page For YOUR Clients

An Online Guide of State Laws Which Impact CRA clients, and Hiring Managers

Compliance with the myriad of state laws is a complex subject that affects you and what you can reports to your clients. Add the continuous stream of ongoing changes mandated by state legislation, and the need for an easy-to–use solution is paramount for CRAs. The CRA Help Desk is designed to help you meet these challenges, Your clients face some of the same challenges regarding the use of information they receive from you—and they often look to you for guidance.

Therefore we designed the HR State Rules Register to allow you to help your clients in an easy-to-use, practical and current solution. Your clients will have access to an up-to-date reference showing individual state restrictions on users, best practices, and practical tips. Plus the Alerts will be posted on this site when state and federal laws change.

The HR Version of the State Rules Register informs the user when the state place restrictions on employers, landlords, and hiring managers.

Examples include:

  • Currency of records
  • Use of arrest records or misdemeanors
  • Use of credit report
  • Use of criminal record only after conditional offer of employment
  • When information used on report must be relevant to job specific
  • The state specific forms or required wording that must be used
  • When key municipal employment restrictions, including "ban-the-box" on employers are in place
  • Plus many other state restrictions

"The background screening industry is ultra-competitive, and it's critical to deliver tangible benefits to your clients which set you apart from the pack. The HR Rules Register has been a real difference maker for us."

John McTighe, Vice President, Strategic Information Resources

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Common Questions:

Q. Does the user need a log-in or password to access?
A. No. The user merely clicks on an icon placed on your page and a new screen appears, seamlessly integrated, that functions like it is part of your web page.
Q. How often is the data updated and who does the updates?
A. The content is written by Mr. Larry Henry, a nationally known FCRA and employment law attorney. The content is updated on an ongoing basis - after a new state law is passed or if a significant decision is rendered in a court case affecting the content.
Q. How much does it cost? A. There are 2 price levels, one for ‘Standard’ accounts and one for ‘Enterprise’ firms. The fee for a Standard account is either $30 per month (three month minimum) or $299 a year. Enterprise account, distinguished by having more than 500 user clicks a month, have a base rate of $45 per month (three month minimum) or $499 a year.
Q. Are there any limitations on usage?
A. No, other than the added fee for Enterprise accounts.
Q. Can we make this program available to the public or just our clients?
A. The program is designed to sit “behind the wall” meaning it is only available for your ongoing clientele who have to enter a password or use a special web page not open to the general public.
Q. Can I place the content on a web page that has my material framed around portions of the outer edges?
A. Yes. The existing page can be embedded around a page of your choice, but this is can only be done at your cost and with BRB’s approval of the additional content.
Q. Are communications with this page secure?
A. Yes. If you want to use our ICON, that also is placed on a page encrypted with SSL.
Q. Must I already have a subscription to the “regular” version of the State Rules Register?
A. Yes. Having the HR Version on your site is limited to our ongoing subscribers.

How to Order:

Q. How do I get started and how long does it take to have the program running on my web page?
A. Call BRB Publications at 800-929-3811 or email Kimberly Sparger. It takes no time at all. You will be assigned a unique link to use on your site.
Q. May I charge my clients for this service?
A. Yes. Some of our CRA clients provide this service for free to their clients in order to enhance their criminal record offering. Other clients buy the information “wholesale” and sell “retail.”